Hashbrown Homestead

We are Hashbrown Homestead Supplies and we are a retail store that sells a variety of homestead products in Red Deer since 2019, emphasizing locally sourced products and independent living. We encourage individuals to break the stereotypical roles of urban and rural living by blending the two. We pride ourselves on sustainability, healthy living, and the thriving animals we have in our lives. Our employees are just like you; looking for a one stop shop to buy their feed, gear, and raw products to create their own unique items.  Our goal is to provide a location where people can come and obtain great customer service with knowledge and expertise to aid your success for a prospering homestead or farm. We had this vision of our store when we had to make 2-3 stops to pick up everything we needed from chicken and dog food to Kombucha supplies. The amount of time and resources we burned traveling everywhere was driving us crazy. That's when we knew there needed to be solution. If you feel the same way call, stop by, or check out our website to see if we can supply your needs or simply ask us questions. We are excited to aid your curiosity and help in any way we can. Thank you and we hope to be hearing from you soon.