CJ - 16% Poultry Grower - 20kg

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Country Junction 16% Poultry Grower should be fed as the sole ration to replacement laying chicks from 7 to 18 weeks of age. This 16% Poultry Grower may be fed to broiler (Meat Type) growing chickens from 3 weeks of age to market weight. May also be fed to other types of meat birds such as turkeys and game birds from 11 weeks to market or ducks and geese from 4 weeks to market. Oyster shell or insoluble grit could b15e sprinkled on the feed once a week at the rate of 0.5 to 1.0 kg per 100 birds. Allow birds access to fresh water at all times.

Laying Pullets will eat approximately 6-7 kg of grower between 7 and 18 weeks of age, depending upon the strain and housing conditions.

Meat birds will eat about 6-7 kg of grower between 3 and 8 weeks of age.

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