Hoffman - BiAaMuGen - (Special Order)

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Hoffman - BiAaMuGen - (Special Order)


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 56.5% Sodium (Actual) 0.35%
Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0% Salt (Actual) 0.1%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 2.5%    
Calcium (Actual) 0.35%    
Phosphorus (Actual) 0.35%    

Feeding Directions

Hoffman’s BiAaMuGen Horse Protein Top Dress is a part of the Hoffman’s line of equine feeds. This feed is intended to be fed at 150 grams (0.15kg) per head daily with a well-balanced ration adequate in energy, minerals and vitamins. This protein supplement should be well mixed with the ration fed to horses in training. Good quality hay should be fed at 1.25-2.0 kg per 100 kg of body weight. For best results feed the mixture to supply 150 grams of Hoffman’s BiAaMuGen Horse Protein Top Dress daily. Feed the Hoffman’s BiAaMuGen Horse Protein Top Dress during the training period and when requiring extra muscling. Forage level, intensity of the work, and the condition of the horse will determine the length of feeding, but in general, feed for 40 to 60 days. Once proper muscling has been achieved, feed Hoffman’s BiAaMuGen Horse Protein Top Dress to 75 grams (0075 kg) daily during the remained training period. Always allow free choice access to clean water, salt, and Hoffman’s Horse mineral.

Consult your Country Junction Feeds advisor or nutritionist for more detailed feeding directions.