Calf Perk - 15ml Tube

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All newborn calves need a fast, warm start; Calf Perk leads to good health which is essential in preparing the future herd for success. Easy to use, immediate energy boost that naturally increases body temperature and respiration rates. Coats tongue and roof of mouth ensuring faster absorption through mucosal lining and into the blood stream, maximizing the effect. 

When to use:

  • Newborn calves that need a boost
  • After a difficult birth
  • During cold temperatures
  • Depressed, lethargic received calves

Contains min 2.7% crude protein, min 0.55% crude fat and min 0.15%/max 0.65% sodium. 

Directions: Administer 15 ml orally across tongue a maximum of 30 minutes prior to colostrum or milk feeding.