CJ - 32% Beef Suppliement Oleo - 20kg

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 32.0%   Copper (Actual) 400 mg/kg
Crude Fat (Min.) 2.5%   Iodine (Actual) 20 mg/kg
Crude Fiber (Max.) 12.0%   Iron (Actual) 250 mg/kg
Calcium (Actual) 4.5%   Manganese (Actual) 800 mg/kg
Phosphorus (Actual) 0.8%   Zinc (Actual) 1200 mg/kg
Potassium (Actual) 1.0%   Fluorine (Max.) 50 mg/kg
Magnesium (Actual) 0.5%   Vitamin A (Min.) 120,000 IU/kg
Sulphur (Actual) 0.6%   Vitamin D3 (Min.) 12,000 IU/kg
Sodium (Actual) 0.8%   Vitamin E (Min.) 675 IU/kg
Cobalt (Actual) 10 mg/kg      

Feeding Directions

32-0 Beef Supplement OR is designed to be fed to beef cattle at a rate of approximately 0.5 kg per head per day when mixed with grains at 5%, as shown below:

  Starter Grower
32-0 Beef Supplement 50kg 50kg
Barley 450kg 950kg
Oats 500kg  
TOTAL 1000kg 1000kg

The resulting complete feeds should be fed to beef calves or mature animals at a maximum rate of 2% of live body weight, after the cattle have been adapted to grain diet. The age, desired gain, quality and intake of forage and body condition of the cattle will determine the exact amount of grain ration required. Cattle should always have free choice access to salt and clean drinking water.