Poultry Feeder & Water Kit (PVC) - 10lb

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No-Waste 10lb Feeder! RentACoop’s feeding port design allows chickens to access all their food, while keeping their feed in the feeder! Even your messiest chicken won’t be able to pull feed out! No more unwanted guests, such as wild birds, mice, rats, or squirrels coming to look for a free meal

The 2-Gallon Waterer comes with 2 auto-fill cups for warmer weather use and 2 horizontal freeze-proof nipples for winter use 

For Poultry 12 weeks and older, or full-grown bantam chickens. Package includes (1) 10lb Feeder and (1) 2-Gallon Waterer. Dimensions of both units are 5.5 x 5.5 x 17 inches