Lumber Jack - Pistol Grip Meat Injector - 50cc

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Create savoury flavour deep within your large cuts of meat with the Lumber Jack Meat Injector. This gun-style meat injector is the perfect companion for every barbecue chef looking to up their flavour game.
With a 50cc syringe, all-metal handle and sturdy construction, this pistol grip meat injector will last years with proper care and attention. Comes with two different needles for different meats, a cleaning brush, and a replacement gasket.
Injecting meat with brine instantly adds moisture and flavour deep within the muscle tissue, unlike typical brine soaks which are a lengthy process and only penetrate the tissue a small amount. When it comes to larger cuts of meat or whole animals, flavour injection is the only way to go.

Package contents:

  • 1x Gun-style meat injector
  • 1x large injection needle
  • 1x small injection needle
  • 1x cleaning brush
    1x replacement gasket kit