PetSafe - SSSCat Refill Unscented - 115 ml

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A little spray teaches your pet all day! With the PetSafe® SSSCAT® Replacement Can, continue teaching your cat or dog which areas around the house are off limits. Place the spray deterrent on kitchen countertops, tabletops or near the trash can to teach pets which areas of the home to avoid. Use this replacement can with your existing SSSCAT® Spray Deterrent (PPD00-16168). When your pet is within 3 feet of the spray deterrent, the motion-activated sensor detects your pet’s movements and releases a quick burst of spray. The spray startles your pet and discourages them from staying in the off-limits area. This odorless spray is safe, harmless and does not stain surfaces. Each SSSCAT® spray can contains approximately 80-100 bursts of spray. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.