Sweet Pro - Cattle Mineral Tub FibreMate - 250lb

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FiberMate 16%,18%, 20% is SweetPro® Premium Supplement’s most popular cow block.  Typically used for cows that are in good condition being fed fair quality forage both in a range or dry lot setting.   FiberMate tubs improves the animal’s ability to breakdown forages for maximum nutrient uptake all while decreasing the amount of forage required to do so.

FiberMate tubs contains a complete vitamin and organic trace mineral package, our proprietary yeast culture and prebiotic blend ProBiotein® and all the benefits of SweetPro’s fermented blend of condensed distillers solubles and distillers dried grains with solubles.


Available in 16%, 18%, and 20% Protein levels

20% Tubs are typically used for Mature Cows

18% Tubs are typically used for Mature Bulls 

16% Tubs are typically used for Replacement Heifers, First Calvers and Yearling Bulls

250.lbs Tubs

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